July 7, 2015

Crazy day!!! I did not sleep last night, and I am FEELING it now!  Our flight out of Mérida left at 6:05 am?. We didn’t get home from dinner until 1:30 this morning.  We got back, packed our stuff and made our way to the airport.  We were there before 3 but we assumed that was better than not waking up, and we were supposed to check in at 4.  We were dropped off by one tired Tia, and we made our way to the doors.  They were locked!!! What!  Who does that??? Melinda jimmied the door, we were promptly reprimanded!we were made to wait outside until 4 am.

 we laughed our tails off laying down outside the airport!  My aunt would have had a heart attack!  We have made our flight/ connection, and we are on our way home.  We are currently on board our flight.  We have had a beautiful time,not really being touristy, but visiting with my beautiful family.   It was such a blessed trip.  We slept quite a bit,  ate quite a bit!  Saw Grace off, and then just visited.  I brought a friend with me and it was nice because I didn’t feel the pressure of entertaining.  I feel bad I didn’t show her more, but it wasnt in the cards this time.  I am super ready to be home with my family (-Grace?), and ready to just be for a bit.  I return to Merida in several weeks, but am grateful in this moment.  Chow for now!

July 5, 2015

Flat Daddy
Flat Daddy

Feeling sad this morning.  I’m dropping off my daughter to stay with her cousin.  I’m so excited for her, she’s going to be fine.  It’s me…I’m going to miss her so much.  She is one of the most amazing people I know.

I remember being left here for a month.  Circumstances were a bit different though. Mom now says I begged to come, I was stressed,I needed a break. I remember it as a consequence for misbehaving a little too frequently.  She thought my grandmother would help deal with my misbehaving ways. Instead, it was the best summer of my life.  Beach, friends, sleeping in late, parties, fun.  It was wonderful.  I also built relationships with my family that weren’t just based on relationships that my mom had.  I developed my own relationships with my family.  That is tough when you are 15, nothing is in your native tongue, you are in another country with different traditions and cultures and customs.  It was great though.

I’m excited for her, and homesick myself!  I’m ready to go home, and it’s going to be strange going home without Grace.

July 4,2015


Baca is a town that houses an Integrative Medicine Facility. People come here for Cancer treatments. It is so peaceful.  It is like actually being in Thailand.

Morning all!  Happy 4th! We will be celebrating in Mexico this year, sans fireworks, sans boat rides and watermelon!  No cook outs either!!! What??? Well,it is NOT a Mexican holiday!  Today we are celebrating by going to a little town called Baca and getting quiet with ourselves and celebrating peace, and health and God’s Gifts to us.  I will be mindful of these things today.  I am grateful for you my friends, and all my beautiful family, spread out all over the country, And throughout this beautiful world of ours.

I’ve not written in a while.  I’ve been busy, sick, and.  I’ve made it home from Europe with my mom, got her home, and settled.  She is happy to be home and readjusting to our seperated space.  It is hard for her- me too, knowing she is sad.  But, she is well.

I sat near a woman who violently sneezed from Germany to the U.S…..dear Lord!  Hideous woman.  Didn’t even attempt to cover her mouth.  Eventually blowing her nose into the airline’s blanket.  No wonder people in other countries hate us and think we are rude and disrespectful.  Needless to say, I have been battling this cold turned sinus infection.  Thank goodness for the z-pack !  I was home for 5 days, and then off again to drop off my sweet middle child off in Mexico to spend a month with our family here, and to learn the language.  We have been talking about this experience for a year now…and it is finally here.  I’m not sure what I will do without her!  I adore this sweet and funny child.  She is going to be so fine here though.  This is going to be such a great experience for her.  I am so happy for her.

I have had a lovely time thus far visiting with my sweet little aunt- Chicha.  She is a blast, and I love her.  She is always glad we are here and always complains that however long the stay is, it is never long enough!  She feeds my desire for soulful music, beautiful food, and places that make me feel whole. It is a beautiful and soulful life down here.  I have also spent some beautiful time with my aunts and my cousin Edwin.  I have grown up smack in the middle of 3 cultures at a physical distance from those that are my family, yet I am still a part of these seperated cultures & tied to all 3. My dads family came over from Sweden, but wanted to be inconspicuous & look and live like Americans. My mother and her family are all born and raised in Mexico and all stayed here except my mom.  We lived in a Hispanic way,but in a homogenized manner.  We were very American in many ways.  But I FEEL like I am with people and things I really connect with when I am here.  Music, food, socializing, family, spirituality, culture.  It’s very relatable to me.  I feel grateful I get to breeze in and out of this life here with these beautiful people.  I’m sometimes sad I don’t fit in more, we don’t have the same history of  those that were raised together.  I’m none the less glad though that I “belong” here.

I do miss my family at home though, and I’m ready to spend some time enjoying their company.

Pitaya Ice Cream or Dragonfruit Ice Cream
My beautiful girl
Me and my cousin, Edwin. Love this guy!
Beautiful Baca, Yucatan.
Enjoying a Thai lunch with some of my favorite ladies!
Two of my sweet aunties, and us giant American girls!
When in Merida, Yucatan, you MUST eat at Amaro. It is amazing, and the food it not only exquisite, but divine!
One of my favorite meals…Panuchos. I try to eat at least one of these each day while in Merida!