Momma & Pop

Feeling heavy today. (Monday when I began this post…now it is Wednesday) Today is my first day with no one around in 2 weeks. I am definitely a person who needs quite and down time, and although I have it today, I am processing, and the quiet seems almost deafening. I appreciate it though, and am re-accustoming myself to the quiet. The beginning of mom being here was tough…getting used to her non-schedule, constant talking, wandering constantly, mumbling, etc. It’s strange having another presence in your house in general, I think. But after a bit, it was normal-ish. She misses my dad so much when they aren’t together. She blames him unabashedly too for EVERYTHING that has gone wrong, is missing, or doesn’t work. Bless his heart. Pop was thrilled to have had some time to himself to work on his yard. He is a gardner. He loves cactus and various exotic trees. He mulched, and cleaned up, and pruned back and enjoyed some alone time being grounded in the dirt. He came up Saturday night, and he was tired. He had worked beginning at 1 am at the post office on Sanibel Island. He worked until 11, came home, grabbed his stuff, a bite to eat, then headed this way. We vegged a bit, ate dinner, then went downtown for a bit to hear my sweet surrogate(ish) daughter sing at restaurant, then headed to our local brewery where we welcomed home our sweet friend and singer Mic the Prophet. Deland was hopping this night as there was a Fireman Pub Crawl going on and the town was just out. The local farmers market was just wrapping up, and an author Peter Rollins was in town giving a talk. My parents had a great time, meeting new friends, enjoying the local brews, and listening to some great music. We came home and passed out…we were all exhausted! The next morning, we had coffee on the porch and watched the gorgeous morning unfold as the hummingbirds were eating at my porch, cardinals were talking to one another, and some noisy crows were building their next in my mother in laws tree. It was sunny, breezy and cool, and the type of day that we as Floridians live for. We helped mom pack up after breakfast, got her bike in dad’s truck and headed for the house we were looking at, to see if was a good fit for everyone. My girls hadn’t been inside yet, and neither had my parents. My parents thought the bungalow was too small (808 square feet) and later I found out too dark. I truly feel it would have been perfect for them, but dad just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. I feel disappointed because I feel like he made a poor decision based on him, not her, but I also realize, it is THEIR lives. They have to be happy. I am disappointed and relieved at the same time. Interestingly enough, the kids all said the same thing. They said they were getting used to the idea of moving and being in a new house, near their grandparents, and they were disappointed it wasn’t going to happen. I appreciate their flexibility on all of this and their willingness to take on something so major. They showed true love, support, and empathy. And my sweet husband…there are no words to express the love and gratitude I feel for him. Thanks Babe. So, we are carrying on with our plans here at home, and continuing with our building plans as we had begun this process several months ago, paused, and are restarting. I have broached the issue of mom’s long term care and the ideas of caregivers while dad is at work again and we are moving towards that again – dad and I. I feel at peace with what has transpired, and sad because I think she will decompensate quickly with no support down there, and with a lot of time on her own for her mind to wander. Ultimately, they are a team, a couple, and they will figure out their journey, and I will be here to continue to support them. For now, I am relishing the quiet, the sunshine, sweet friends who have come out of the woodwork to support me on my journey, coffee on the porch in the morning, and wine on the porch at night. I am grateful for my family, friends, and my faith. God is good.IMG_4568