May 14, 2016

So hi! It’s been a while! Sorry. Life is crazy that way. I’m currently sitting at a nail salon in Naples, Florida having a pedicure. Life is good. I’m down here with my husband only as my kids had “stuff” or didn’t want to come. One of my best friends from high school, Ody(yep, like Garfield), her oldest son is graduating from law school. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? We aren’t old enough! Ugh! His name is Matthew, and he is smart, and personable, and gorgeous! Ody has done such a beautiful job raising her boys. Not bad for a girl that got pregnant at 17, graduated, got married, turned 18, had a baby…while working, going to school, then law school! Yep, law school! In the interim, she lost her house and all her worldly possessions to hurricane Andrew. She is something! I’m so proud of her, and who she is. Her boys are amazing too! Anyway. I haven’t written in a while because I didn’t want to let my secret out of the bag. We under contract to by the house! THE house. Remember the house I told you about, with a bungalow for my folks? Well, we put an offer in nearly a month ago after much thought ( no matter what), my mom is going to need a place to be. They opted to not go for this house as they thought it was too small. The deal is, it is one property, 2 houses, enough bedrooms and bathrooms, it’s fully fenced, & it has an orange grove. How cool is that? We can all be together and still not be on top of each other. It’s a win win. Also, it has a studio already on the property. It has EVERYTHING! We are thrilled this is happening and shocked at the same time. We have NEVER considered moving, as we love our house. But this fits the bill. We’ve all just agreed on terms etc on Thursday. So y’all are pretty quick to know!? My children are excited, my husband is excited/stressed, on all of the various things to do. I’m thrilled and overwhelmed. My folks just found out last night as they are in Mexico visiting my mom’s family. There isn’t a comprehension yet as to why this has all happened. That might be best at this moment. They are having a great time. I’m so glad. Besides that, it’s the last volleyball weekend, school is getting ready to be over, and lots of our friends are getting ready to send their kids off to college, or be sent to college. It’s an exciting time.

Cinco de Mayo!

Good morning friends! Has it really been a month since I have been on here! Yikes! Time flies. I guess I really needed some down time! Ha! Anyway, today is a quick post as I have been working in my husband’s office for the last 3 weeks. It is part time, and they were swamped. It is all good and has been a good change of pace. Funny how doing something out of your ordinary can really help you appreciate your ordinary! Right? Suddenly, I really miss yoga, making beautiful breakfasts, having time to plan various things out, make meals for my family. It also makes you better at planning your time. I know I need to do all of the above, I just don’t have all day, and some stuff, I haven’t fit in yet. All good. Speaking of beautiful and quick breakfasts, I had one of my faves. An avocado smash. Yum. Toast bread, some sort of spread – mine was a lemon mayo type spread, you smash 1/2 an avocado between 2 pieces of toast and lightly sprinkle some sort of salt. Mine was a veggie herb salt…Ugh, so delish!
Anyway. I digress.
Life has been good, kids are wrapping up school. Lots of homework, testing, papers, dioramas, reports, field trips, etc. We are also wrapping up sports. One more volleyball tournament and we are done for the season. It has been a LONG season! and EXPENSIVE! Dear Jesus. This was never an option for me growing up. My parents couldn’t commit to dropping me off and picking me up from a practice, much less spending every weekend away in a different city paying for hotels, food, parking and a sweatshirt from every event. Yikes!Times sure have changed. I am happy that she is having this experience, but I am quite aware of how different our upbringings are, and both are good, just different. Anyway. My youngest just went to Disney on a field trip with her entire 5th grade class. What a treat and luxury. Having grown up in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, that would have been unbelievably amazing! Here in Florida, it is another day! So cool that this a floridians reality. Anyway. It was the hottest day of the year so far…ugh. I am one of those really ugly sweaters… I don’t glisten or glow. I am like a 12 year old boy in PE class. Man, did I sweat! It was a blast though, and fun to experience with a bunch of 11 year old girls. How cool to be able to go to Disney with all your best buds! Grateful.
Mom and Dad update. They are currently in Mexico – Guadalajara. It was a calamity getting them there, maybe I’ll tell you about it later! They are there now though and having a blast. My mom is enjoying time with her niece who we call La Nena (the girl). That is in total how i know her. If I were to have to find my parents, the only info I have is that she is staying with “the girl”. Oh my! I’m sure the authorities could assist me in finding them with that information, right? Haha. Anyway. Mom is confused, but having a great time. I am glad for them. She has learned how to use WhatsApp, which is hysterical really. I am glad Nena has showed her how to use it, although, she keeps calling my husband thinking its me she is calling and leaving super weird random messages. She also called me thinking I was her cousin, and left a LONG rambling message to her. Oh my. Technology and dementia. Yikes! What a combination! Anyway. Chat more later, I am going to be late if I don’t pull myself together. The boss might not be happy! 😉
Chow for now!