June 26, 2015

Well,it’s just about here!  We have been gone now 11 days and we return home tomorrow!  We have had the best time, met some of the absolute nicest people and seen some of the coolest things.  We had our final tour today, we went to Montserrat .  It is 2300 feet up a mountain and it is gorgeous.  I took most of my pics this trip with my actual camera so I don’t personally have a photo to show just yet.  There is a monastery up there, a nunery, a boys boarding school mostly focusing on music.  It is a beautiful campus.  It also holds a statue aptly called the Black Madonna.  It is in a gorgeous shrine surrounded by beautiful mosaic work.   You have to really want to worship, pray or meditate to head this far into the mountains.  I can’t even imagine what building it must have entailed.  Mom attended a Latin mass with her new BFF’s Gina and Manuel.  She was moved by it all. They were sweet to give me a little respite.  I walked around, shopped, took photos then sat by myself on top of this beautiful mountain.  It was lovely.  Mom and the BFF’s were 35 minutes late getting to the bus.  People were getting restless, but everyone said”we can’t leave Mamma Maria”.  Everyone was worried if she was ok.  She was/is, she just moves slow.  Anyway.  We have had a beautiful and blessed time.  We grew closer to each other and to God.    We are each respectively ready to be home with our people.  I miss them all so much!  I can’t wait to be reunited with my sweet husband, my babes, I miss my home and my pets, I miss my girlfriends and a small gaggle of kids that normally is seen hanging around my house!  I’m ready.  See you soon!

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