July 25, 2015

So many blessings. First off I’m going to say this is the 3rd …nope, 4th time attempting to write this blog post! A couple things keep happening. 1. My daughter is done doing what she’s doing and I feel like I need to give her my attention. 2nd I many times don’t have wifi and 3rd I wrote a super good post at the airport in Mexico City, I went to cut and paste it, I was bumped and I’m not sure what I hit, but I completely lost my post. Ugh!
Anyway,in a nut shell what I had said was how grateful I was for time this summer. To really spend time getting to know my mom in a new way. I’m grateful for the ability to have gotten to take my mom on the trip of her dreams and really self realize what was happening as it was happening. We visited Portugal, Spain and France together and enjoyed it whole heartedly.
I was home 5 Days, then left again to bring my middle babe to Merida,Yucatan,Mexico where I placed her in the care of my cousin for 3 weeks. I am so thrilled she had an opportunity to get to know our family in her own way and with time on her side. She was exposed to culture, traditions, much family,good times and bad, a new language, different food, and she did it on her own. She’s about to be 14 next week. Sometimes we say “we should do this, or wouldn’t this be a great experience ” but we don’t put our money where our mouths are. This was a tough thing to carry through with after 2 intense weeks with my mom, kids, a husband, and a household being left at home and not to mention the expense of it. Yet, is there anything more important than knowing where you come from, spending time with family, and expanding your world view? I’m happy my daughter was open to it.
I returned home for 15 days and hid like a hermit. I just wanted to be home. I nested like a pregnant woman nests! Cleaning, diddling, decorating, cooking beautiful meals, gardening, hanging with my kids, binge movie watching (Harry Potter series)! It was FANTASTIC! I was ready after those 2 weeks to return to get Grace and bring her home. My youngest is with me this time as well, and I’m so glad. It’s been so nice to see the girls reunite, to have missed each other, and to share little things/moments together. We have been non stop family-ing and it’s been lovely.
Since we have been here, we have been eating like they might take it away from us. Food is the exchange for time. It’s so beautiful to share that with my kids. I remember as a kid/teenager thinking …Lord, is this all we are going to do? Eat and visit? But it is where family reconnects, catches up, etc. We hung out last night with my aunts…no lie they are maybe 4 feet 6. Unbelievable! Amazing to think we share a bloodline! They are my mother’s cousins. Yet, we get together, and there is no doubt we are related. We share spirit and presence. Beautiful.
At this minute, we are at a homeopathic clinic. Grace has suffered daily with allergies. Pretty seriously really. This dr. Is exposing her to the elements she is allergic to and is guiding her body to accept them. She thinks this is INSANE, but immediately she started tearing. She has been tearing for 30 hours since her last treatment. She had 2 treatments the other day,and 2 today. She’s better though!!! Amazing. The Dr. Looks like Daddy Warbucks from Annie. His name is Alex. That’s what Tia calls him, so subsequently me too. Otherwise his name is Dr.Jimenez.
Anyway, off to get Hammocks to bring back to the states. Chat more later.

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