July 29, 2015


Yep, we are home.  It’s been amazing.  Exhausting, but amazing.  I have been super-vegging since we got back late on the 27th.  I’ve done your basic stuff like laundry, cooking, light cleaning. But, yesterday morning it was raining, and despite it being a workday, my husband stayed home with me for several hours and we lounged in bed a while, then had coffee on the porch.  For me, that is how you know I am feeling complete…coffee on the porch!☕️  We sat and watched the hummingbirds buzz around, and the rain lightly fall, rejuvenating everything around it.  It was utmost perfection.  I hung out a bit later with my sister in law Caity, our kids played and we chatted with my MIL,Peggy.  It was so nice.  We we were talking about traveling and various things that happened on the trip, and two things that stood out to me were two seperate people, met at two very seperate times.  They had such an impact on me.  I’m not sure if you remember my post about Santiago de Compostela, but I met a kind German man who at the end of our meeting said “May God Bless your life”.  On the 27th, on the flight to Miami, I was having a really interesting conversation with the man sitting next to me.  It wasn’t a long conversation as the flight was only 1 hour 40 minutes and the gentleman slept for probably 30 minutes. He asked why I visited Merida, I told him my family lived there he assumed it was family on my husbands side- since I don’t look Hispanic.  I assured him I am (Hispanic) and that I was there to pick up my daughter from having spent 3 weeks with my family.  We talked about the importance of connections to our family, culture, traditions, etc.  We spoke about timing- how Gods timing is always perfect and how many times we only thank Him when we get what we want, not when we don’t understand or are angry with an outcome.  But many times, after a while, we look back and realize God was (his example) bettering us to get us ready for something better, a better life.  He was very obviously a Godly Man with much gracious wisdom to share.  I didn’t feel like he was “preaching” at me, just sharing his life views and wisdoms with me.  When we arrived in Miami, we of course knew we wouldn’t ever meet again and he bestows on me a gift. A simple   blessing if you will.  He said “may God bless you and your family through your lives”.  So, here’s  the deal…wow! I am so taken by this sort of goodbye.  It really makes you think about how our words can really impact someone. I was getting ready to say something super generic like “nice meeting you, enjoy your stay in Miami”. Completely non-memorable, unworthy of two humans bumping into one another talking  about things that matter- intentional things and subjects, ending with a a generic closing…great to meet you.  I have been lucky enough to have been paying attention this summer to people that were placed around me, that had something important to share, and I was listening.  They were I believe, placed in front of me on purpose.  Messengers of sorts.  They left me with a gift and a message.  Be intentional,recognize your blessings, and what you say and put out there can affect someone- for good or for bad depending on what you put out there.  To say something meaningful like May God bless your life, was so impactful, especially coming from a total stranger that didn’t know me and “owed” me nothing, maybe not even an acknowledgment initially.  But we shared wisdoms and conversations, life experiences and connected on a grander scale.  It was Impactful.  May God bless you all in your lives.

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