September 10, 2015 – I’m still here

It has been a while since I have been on here.  Sorry about that.  The first reason is that I am highly computer illiterate, and the the second reason is that life just keeps throwing me curves.  I am trying not to take it personally.  I am a big believer that good things happen to good and bad people, as do the bad things.  I don’t think that there is a spider next to my name in God’s book, but that feels harder to accept than to just know sometimes.

I am pretty much still coming out of what seems like a true hermit stage of being.  I have felt a bit like a delicate flower or animal, needing just the right amount of sun, special types of food, rest, and quiet. I have been nesting at home and with my family since the month of August, and I don’t feel like I am completely out of it yet.  I want to cook and eat beautiful food, I want to read and lose myself in a good book.  I want to paint and rearrange things in my home so that everything operates a little more smoothly, and is a little more appealing to look at.  I don’t feel inspired to “create” yet, not art…just yet.  That feels like to big an emotional commitment. I sort of miss that element of myself, but it has not taken residence within me again…yet.  I want to take long Sunday drives with all of my nearest and dearest with me. I want to love on my pets, water my plants, and have a glass of wine on my front porch watching the hummingbirds eat the nectar that I have prepared for them.  These are all of the things that I want to do and have done, but also things that I have had to put on the back burner as the month of August has been complicated and scary.

On July 31, 2015, My husband and I were attempting a date.  As always, there are always so many things to wrap up and take care of prior to just “leaving for a date”.  We had worked out the pick up and drop off schedule and we were grateful to be on our way.  We really hadn’t seen much of each other in the summer, so we were excited to catch up.  20 minutes into our drive we receive an urgent phone call from our son telling us he had just wrecked…on his skateboard, and that he was swelling pretty quickly around his ankle.  SILVER LINING- he was in front of a wonderful friends home, who after taking a look at him and assessing the damage, puts him in his sons car – his son drives my son home, and our friend drives our son’s car home.  My son’s best friend was with him and she stayed with him until we got back (we turned around mid journey upon the phone call).  We did the whole ER thing, followed up with an Orthopedic surgeon etc, and after much time, effort and money, we now know that he broke his Talus bone.  I didn’t remember this from anatomy and physiology, but it is the bone under your ankle that holds 2 joints, one to the foot, and one to the leg.  It is a super rare break and it is a really big deal.  Gratefully my son understands this and his been very careful.  But it has removed him from marching season this year, has put him in a cast for 8 weeks so far.IMG_7372

Ok.  This is bad news…ruined date, injured son, change in normal activities.  But it gets nuttier.  On August 18, my son (same guy) gets t-boned on his way to work.  He calls me from his car letting me know this is no joke, he is in fact alright, but he is currently trapped in his car as he has just been hit by a lady who ran a red light. I am super calm in the midst of crisis, but I was really scared.  This really strange part of my brain – I’m sure as a defense mechanism- was pondering if I had time on the way to the accident to drop my daughter off at Volleyball practice.  Hmm???  Losing my mind!!!  Gratefully my body just took me to the accident as if it were on auto pilot.  All was good until my son came hobbling over to me on his crutches WITHOUT ONE scratch on his entire body!!!!   The police officerIMG_7483 said that his car flipped over twice.  His car was totaled and here is my child, standing next to me, with out a scratch – except for crutches and a boot on his leg from an accident two weeks earlier.(SILVER LINING).How is this possible??? I was so grateful.  He was perfect and in that moment you become completely aware of how fleeting life can be.  I still had my baby boy. ugh.  This is hard to write.  The other family is fine I believe.  We saw them in the emergency room and they seemed to be uncomfortable, but I am not sure what the outcome was.  I think they were thinking the mom had a broken leg.  They looked alright, but I am not sure really.  My son was being sweet with the ladies kids and they were to him also, meanwhile I was so angry at her for nearly taking my child away from me.  She felt the accident was my sons fault, so I think she was equally angry at us.  We were kind and cordial to each other and hoped wellness and a quick recovery. – No one was charged in the accident as there were no witnesses to the accident.ThIMG_7479at is just one of my 3 kids and over the courseIMG_7489
of 2 plus weeks.  I think I seriously aged in August.  Meanwhile, school started back up.  I now have 2 in high school and one in her last year of elementary school.  We are full swing into gymnastics, jv volleyball, homework, friends, football games, and doctors appointments.  Meanwhile down one car and one driver!  I was in the car for 6.5 hours yesterday!!!  Picking up, dropping off, grocery shopping (just the stuff I forgot from the day before!) and looking/test driving cars.  Yes, I forgot to tell you.  My husband (he’s a saint)and I finally got our “date” in.  We made plans to go to North Carolina for Labor Day weekend – just he and I.  We were so excited.  It was super hard – kids and pets, and the kids schedules.  We worked it out though.  I swear I could work out the details for our military or something super complex though!  The amount of details that you have to work out to do anything is INSANE!!!  It is enough to not make you want to go anywhere until all your kids are out of the house!  It is SOOO necessary though!  We arranged it all, left money, insurance cards, lists, phone numbers, dealt with pick up schedules to and from school, to/from sports, and activities.  Meals were brought and love was given.  We are so lucky to have a beautiful community of friends, and family to assist us with this melee!  We were en route to Asheville, and life was good.  We started feeling a lot of bumpiness – bounciness really in Georgia.  My husband said, I think your shocks/struts are going.  Let me preface by saying I LOVE my car!  It is the nicest car I have ever had, and I am in my car all the time!  It brings me joy, which is silly, since it is after all, just a car!  I take excellent care of my car. Tune ups, oil changes, tire rotations, etc.  This bit of news while we are on our way out of town distresses me, because despite the fact that I love my car, I am very money conscious, and I don’t like to squander money.  In the year that I have had this car, I have squandered ridiculous amounts of money on stuff that should’t even be happening.

Fast forward just a bit… and we are bouncing into Asheville, North Carolina… where there are nothing but mountains, unlike Florida, so our suspension going out was pretty awful.  We have an air suspension system.  We start out looking for someone to fix this issue, but NOTHING IS OPEN during this holiday weekend and we could not find one dealership, private mechanic, or chain type business that does car repairs to fix it.  We were stressed and didn’t want to cause additional damage to my car, but we couldn’t seem to fix it either.  The thought of driving 600 miles home violently bouncing seemed unbearable.  We considered all our options, and we decided to take a break on our break and play a little.  We rented a car (a fun car – a new, orange convertible Mustang) and we drove down the Blue Ridge Parkway for several hundred miles, singing, exploring, and enjoying the gorgeous day.  It was wonderful!  It was the perfect medicine for something that was a pretty serious ailment.  We ate well all over north Carolina, drank well and much earlier than usual, and explored everything we wanted to explore.  We checked out local craft breweries, tops of mountain overlooks, little towns, met local townsfolk,& happened upon the Laff festival (Wow!  Crazy town).  It was a great day.  We were hoping to buy some furniture, which we did from a store we love called K2.  It was lovely.  Our cabin was amazing.  Sweet, little cabin built in the 1920’s, just outside of town, but in a little community.  It would take us 5 minutes to drive into downtown Asheville, but it felt like we were out in the middle of no where.   Cozy Cabin Rentals.  It was awesome.  The down side of this story, is that we still needed to get home.  We waited outside the dealership on the morning we needed to leave – Monday – Labor day.  There was no indication that they would be closed, but the service department was in fact closed.  Sales was open, but not service.  We seriously considered trading in my car, but couldn’t find anything we wanted to trade it in for.  We took a chance and drove it home in its defunct condition.  It was a rough and bumpy long ride.  It tested our marriage at times, our patience, and my love for this car that had been abusing our wallets now for just over a year.

We made it home, kissed our babies, and tried to stretch our way back to wellness.  Our marriage is fine, wonderful even, we are grateful for yet another adventure, and we are looking for a new car as my car sits at my mechanic – who LOVES me, as I keep their family in a nice car, and assist sending his kids to college!

Always something.  I am grateful.  I lived to tell another tell, and really, you cannot make this stuff up! All of this is so crazy, you just cannot make it up.  I wish sometimes, this was all some crazy fictional story, but it is my crazy life.  The good and the bad.

I hope I didn’t wear you out just reading this craziness.  Thanks for walking this journey with me.