Hi new friends.  I am glad to be here.  I have felt moved to do this for a long time and finally felt the push to follow through with it. I have journaled for 30 years, for myself, have taken art journaling classes, and have led art journaling classes,   I feel like my life and story are strange and interesting, and  I feel I have much to share. I will be dedicating this blog to a life well lived.  Life is unpredictable and I am hoping to share my perspective, I have a true appreciation for the life I live.  I come from a place of gratitude. I have been given all the things I NEED, and for that I am truly grateful.  Everything else seems like a bonus.

This past year has been difficult for my family.  My beloved father-in-law passed away, we nearly lost-my-mother-in-law, and we received the devastating news that my mother’s health struggles over the past 15 years, have finally resulted in the diagnosis of dementia.  We have been rocked as a family…and yet, we must go on, and I want to live this life WELL!   If this life has taught me nothing else, it is that life is finite, and we have to live it in the best and most authentic way.

The shock of all these major life milestones has finally worn away a bit, and I am ready to express myself in writing.  I will be writing on the things that move me, the people I love and that love me, the struggles and strifes that plague me, the travels that I am lucky enough to embark on, and the world the way I see it- through artists eyes, full of rich color, texture, and steeped in passion.


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  1. I am so happy that you are taking this trip with your Mom. Praying for a safe journey that is rich with love and memories to treasure.

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