June 16, 2015

We are here!  Lisbon, Portugal! ❤️. It is beautiful here, but as we just got here we have not yet explored.  We got in at around 4:20 pm (5 hours difference I believe…maybe six)lots of airline travel.  

All went pretty well, mom was confused pretty regularly, I think this isn’t just our trip that jumbled up memory, I think this is our new norm.  She is though having a BLAST!  She talked all through the night( while I tried to sleep).  I’m learning she doesn’t need near as much sleep as me!😳. She is giddy though, and that couldn’t be sweeter!  We are at Hotel Roma in downtown Lisbon.  All is clean and tidy, but modest.  It’s gorgeous outside. Maybe 80 degrees, sunny and breezy.  The people here seem to be very kind so far.  We meet in the lobby at 6:30 to connect with our tour group.  Chat more later 


June 15, 2015

Here we are!  We are sitting at gate #84 and we start boarding at 7:25.  We have had an interesting day trying to pack for ME as I packed mom yesterday.  I kept back 20 lbs. of clothes that she overpacked. ❤️.  I have packed us fairly lightly – a backpack each,  and a pillow blanket roll held together by a yoga mat strap!  My backpack turned into a handheld overnighter as I have ALL the medicine etc.  we are Psyched!  I keep hearing…”I used to take you to travel like this, and now you are taking me!”  It’s my turn.  Grateful I can.  Blessed! 


Faith Based Journey – one day away!

Well, I picked up my mom Friday from her home in Ft. Myers.  It was a long day! I was in my car approximately 10 hours that day, as it rained in various areas, there was tons of road construction, and there were so many accidents!  The Bonus though is that I picked up my mom, helped her pack for our trip, collected all her necessary items and medications…and then we were off!  We are now in Deland, and we are getting ready to leave tomorrow.  We went yesterday to get her ready to go with a Mani/Pedi, and a few smelly items from Bath and Body Works.  We grabbed lattes and magazines at Barnes and Noble, and hung out with my girls.  It was a great day!  Today, we are doing final laundry, packing, enjoying time with family, and doing all our last minute preparations for tomorrows journey.  I feel blessed. I am super grateful that I have a wonderful and self-sufficient family that is able to part with their Momma and wife for the next 12 days.  While I am gone, my amazing husband Mark, will be getting our son Baylor to RYLA(a Rotary Youth Leadership Conference) in Jacksonville, Fl. for a week, getting my 10 year old Maya to and from Gymnastics 3 times a week, and getting my 13 year old Grace to and from volleyball conditioning daily for two hour segments, not including the meal making, the friend get togethers, the managing of our 5 (yes 5) animals 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 hamster.  He is amazing for facilitating this trip for my mom and myself.  It takes a wonderful and strong man to sort of “allow” (forgive the term)something like this to organically exist, and grow into what it has become.  This trip is the trip of a life time for my mom and myself, and I am glad we get to do it now, while we are both in well enough health, and mental clarity.  This is a dream come true for us both.  I wish that every child has the opportunity to do something of this nature with their parent.  What a blessing.