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June 22, 2015

Fieneterre “The End of the Earth”

Our days have been so full!  And our internet connections weak! ❤️. We have just left Spain, and Wow!  What a gorgeous country.  All the pilgrimage locations were fascinating to me.  We saw thousands of people walking on various journeys that began at a myriad of starting points and thousands that were ending their journeys at St.James Cathedral.  We also went to the Coast of Death and Fieneterre -the end of the world where many also end their journeys.  I met super interesting people from all over the world on their various walks for their own personal reasons.  People were very open and honest about their walks and journeys.  I met a woman 64 years old from an island north of Isle of Skye which was so cool, because my dear friend, Angela, was there at that same time.  This was the woman’s third pilgrimage. She loves taking this pilgrimage with her children and their spouses to connect with God and the earth.  We chat and shared a table over lunch/dinner and while my mom was at mass.  We chatted  life in general and about the blessings of family.  We left by wishing each other a blessed life and good journeys.