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June 26, 2015

Well,it’s just about here!  We have been gone now 11 days and we return home tomorrow!  We have had the best time, met some of the absolute nicest people and seen some of the coolest things.  We had our final tour today, we went to Montserrat .  It is 2300 feet up a mountain and it is gorgeous.  I took most of my pics this trip with my actual camera so I don’t personally have a photo to show just yet.  There is a monastery up there, a nunery, a boys boarding school mostly focusing on music.  It is a beautiful campus.  It also holds a statue aptly called the Black Madonna.  It is in a gorgeous shrine surrounded by beautiful mosaic work.   You have to really want to worship, pray or meditate to head this far into the mountains.  I can’t even imagine what building it must have entailed.  Mom attended a Latin mass with her new BFF’s Gina and Manuel.  She was moved by it all. They were sweet to give me a little respite.  I walked around, shopped, took photos then sat by myself on top of this beautiful mountain.  It was lovely.  Mom and the BFF’s were 35 minutes late getting to the bus.  People were getting restless, but everyone said”we can’t leave Mamma Maria”.  Everyone was worried if she was ok.  She was/is, she just moves slow.  Anyway.  We have had a beautiful and blessed time.  We grew closer to each other and to God.    We are each respectively ready to be home with our people.  I miss them all so much!  I can’t wait to be reunited with my sweet husband, my babes, I miss my home and my pets, I miss my girlfriends and a small gaggle of kids that normally is seen hanging around my house!  I’m ready.  See you soon!

June 25, 2015

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain Gaudi
La Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain Gaudi

Today has been a good day.  Much better than yesterday-grateful to say.  We hung out last night with our new friends Beth and Tisha.  We walked down to Las Ramblas, downtown Barcelona, Spain,  and had dinner and drinks.  Oh my Lord… I have at least one drink with every meal except breakfast.  Jeez… Time to detox!!! I’m going to say though, I love the experiential nature of this country.  Here in Spain, Portugal and France.  They slow down, enjoy each other, enjoy a bottle of wine together.  They eat beautiful food made out of fresh ingredients. They don’t cook with or eat a lot of sauces or condiments.  It’s beautiful.  The whole experience.  We made our way home from a gorgeous dinner of tapas, and paella.  This morning we ate (not me…still stuffed from last night) then got on our tour bus.  We toured the city and went on a tour of La Sagrada Familia.  It took my breath away.  The whole exterior is covered in the story of Jesus’ life. Gaudi wanted everyone to get something out of the building even if they weren’t catholic, of religious.  When you walk in  you are bathed in sunlight from the gorgeous stained glass windows.  The cool colors are a statement on Jesus’ life.  That’s on one side of the building.  On the other side the stained glass is all in reds and oranges and yellows, and that is the story of the passion -His death.  No straight lines on the pillars.  The pillars look like trees. We were told by our guide, that the reason the pillars look like trees was because if you ask a Buddhist where to find God or enlightenment they would tell you in the forest under a tree, if you ask a Christian where to find God or Enlightenment, they would tell you in the temple.  This is a forest in the temple, so it can appeal to every one of any religion.  It was extraordinary!  My favorite place of worship to date.

Mom and I finished our shopping, we walked… and walked… and walked…, then grabbed a taxi back.  Funny enough, we are staying at a beautiful hotel, Porta Fira.  Our room is on the 15th floor.  Our room number is the same as my home address…1515.  Funny!  I miss home.  I miss my husband and my kids.  I’ve had the opportunity to FaceTime them a few times.  It’s great to see their faces.    My mom has really missed my dad.  I’m grateful for that.  He has missed her also.  He cried one time telling me how grateful he was that she and I were doing this.  He said “she sounds so happy.  You’ve made her life with this trip.  Thank you.”  It was very sweet and touching.  But they are ready to be back together.  Mom asks about him everyday.  She talks in her sleep most of the time, and many times she talks

about her dog and to my dad.    She was excited to bring him things she thinks he’ll enjoy.  It’s lovely.  It offers me perspective that even when they are angry with one another, or when my dad deals with her totally different from how I do or would, there is still lots of love and care there.  That is reassuring.  Anyway.  We are resting a bit prior to going to dinner and to see a flamenco dance.  Should be fun.

One more day, and this adventure wraps up.  We head back to Orlando from Frankfurt, Germany.  I look forward to seeing my family.

It’s been great though!

June 22, 2015

Fieneterre “The End of the Earth”

Our days have been so full!  And our internet connections weak! ❤️. We have just left Spain, and Wow!  What a gorgeous country.  All the pilgrimage locations were fascinating to me.  We saw thousands of people walking on various journeys that began at a myriad of starting points and thousands that were ending their journeys at St.James Cathedral.  We also went to the Coast of Death and Fieneterre -the end of the world where many also end their journeys.  I met super interesting people from all over the world on their various walks for their own personal reasons.  People were very open and honest about their walks and journeys.  I met a woman 64 years old from an island north of Isle of Skye which was so cool, because my dear friend, Angela, was there at that same time.  This was the woman’s third pilgrimage. She loves taking this pilgrimage with her children and their spouses to connect with God and the earth.  We chat and shared a table over lunch/dinner and while my mom was at mass.  We chatted  life in general and about the blessings of family.  We left by wishing each other a blessed life and good journeys.